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Attractions in Barbados

The Atlantic east coast “not only has Bathsheba Beach going for it, but some of the most visited attractions on the island, including Andromeda Botanical Garden, Farley Hill National Park, Barbados Wildlife Reserve, and Harrison’s Cave.” Frommer’s Caribbean 2003

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Andromeda Botanical Gardens

If you walk 5 minutes up the hill from Sea-U Hotel you will find Andromeda Botanical Gardens, one of the richest Botanical Gardens of the Caribbean. Nestled among streams, ponds and rocky outcroppings overlooking the sea, lies the lush garden with plants from all over the world, created by the late Iris Bannochie.
Distance from Sea-U: 550 m, 8 walking min.

Andromeda Gardens Homepage


Bathsheba Beach used to be the summer resort of the Barbadian upper crust, who would take their afternoon drink in the rock pools. Later it became a famous spot of the surfer and hippie jet set. Mick Jagger liked the place because it was so laid back that nobody made a fuss. Kelly Slater replaced the old Rolling Stone and is known to hop over from anywhere in the world when the swell is at Soup Bowl.
Distance from Sea-U:1 km, 10 walking min.


Bath Beach

From Sea-U Guest House the brave can walk the 5-km trail to Bath Beach following the course of the old train track along the wild coastline. Bath has the shape of a half moon and is well protected by a coral reef from the breakers of the Atlantic. If you are lucky, it will be only you on that 1 km of palm-tree shaded beach. The perfect place for a little picnic.
Distance from Sea-U: 7.9 km, 14 min.

Bath Beach

Farley Hill National Park

The old estate of Farley Hill used to have a reputation: It housed the ever first pool table on the island and other extravagances of the 19th-century nouveau riche. After it had served in the film “Island in the Sun” and was embroidered with lavish wooden decorations, it burned down. The ruin still carries some decadent flair, and the spacious park is graced with one of the most spectacular views on the east coast.
Distance from Sea-U: 13 km, 18 min.

Fairly Hill

Harrison’s Cave

Even if caves are not your thing, Harrison’s Cave is impressive. Its stalagmites and stalactites formed decorative columns which evoke the majesty of a Gothic cathedral. Some of them look like a midget family holding a solemn ritual. A little train passes the fantastic formations and stops for you to take a closer gaze.
Distance from Sea-U: 10 km, 11 min.

Harrison’s Cave homepage

Hunte’s Garden

Hunte’s Gardens, centrally located in the heart of the parish of St. Joseph, offer to garden and nature lovers one of the finest experiences one can find on any East Caribbean island. Created by a legendary horticulturist with an unusual flair, Anthony Hunte, these extraordinary gardens will please even the most keen gardeners and enthusiasts. Here you will find plants densely growing on many levels – from sunny and open spaces, down to a mysterious, dark heart of a real Caribbean jungle.
Distance from Sea-U: 7.3 km, 11 min.

Hunte’s Garden homepage

Video about Hunte’s Garden

St. Nicholas Abbey

Built in the mid 17th century and set in about 200 acres of cane, this is not a religious abbey but one of only three surviving Jacobean-style houses in the Western Hemisphere. This treasure has been bought by architect Larry Warren, who has lovingly restored the house, and from whom we expect a superb restoration of its factory, where he plans to bottle rum and other sugar cane products. With its antique furnishings, paintings, china, and a rare 1930’s documentary film, you’ll get the real insight into plantation life.
Distance from Sea-U: 14 km, 20 min.

St. Nicholas Abbey homepage

Welchman Hall Gully

Gullies are sunken riverbeds, which carry the original tropical vegetation of Barbados. In Welchman Hall Gully human hands helped a little to create the most beautiful tropical park leading through the valley.
Distance from Sea-U: 9.8 km, 16 min.

Welchman Hall Gully homepage

Unspoiled east coast of Barbados

Sea-U and the unspoiled east coast

Landmarks in Barbados - St. Joseph Church

Landmarks of Barbados

Hackleton's Cliff Barbados

View from Hackleton's Cliff