Bathsheba, Barbados – The 55 Surf destinations you need to visit

Bathsheba, Barbados – The 55 surf destinations you need to visit. Catch a wave at one of the world’s best surf spots.

Bathsheba, Barbados – The 55 surf destinations you need to visit. To some, surfing is a lifestyle that involves traveling to the farthest reaches of the world in search of uncrowded waves peeling perfectly across the horizon. To others, it’s a fun-filled activity to be enjoyed on leisurely vacations to tropical locales.

Surfing is one of the world’s fastest growing sports, and it’s no secret that traveling is one of the best ways to find uncrowded, world-class waves in culture-filled destinations. That’s why our team of travel experts reached out to popular surf organizations, professional surfers and intrepid surf travelers to find the destinations that are the best in the world for catching unforgettable waves.

Whatever your reason is for embarking on a surf vacation in 2017, the following are 55 destinations that offer fun (and sometimes adrenaline-pumping) waves, authentic surf culture, comfortable accommodation options, helpful surf schools and plenty of attractions to experience out of the water too.


10.Bathsheba, Barbados




In line to receive Atlantic swells, the east coast of Barbados is home to the most consistent breaks on the island. Waves make the long journey over the open Atlantic only to meet the steep Continental Shelf, which jacks up the swell as it rumbles across the reefs to create world class waves that are for the more experienced surfer.

The best time to go:


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Between December and March, a North swell will bring sporadic waves to the west coast if there is a strong enough swell to energize them. Under such conditions, the resulting power-packed waves can be truly great, even though it rarely gets above 8′. The south coast is more consistent than the west coast, yet rarely breaks in the summer months unless influenced by localized storm action. Bathsheba surfing locations are glassy, though small, from June to August. The coast offers the most consistent surf on the island from September to December.

Surf and stay:


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Sea-U Guest House

Sea-U Guest House is close to world class surfing. The hotel is perfect for surfers and offers ocean-view studios, apartments and cottage accommodation. It overlooks Tent Bay at Bathsheba and a great base for a great Barbados surf trip. Surfing at Soup Bowl and Parlors is only a short walk away. All island-wide surf spots can be reached within 40 minutes. Surf, relax, and mingle with locals and other guests.